I started my sewing journey back in April 2020 and to say it has turned into my obsession would be an understatement.

I began 2020, before Covid-19 was even a thing with a goal for the year. That goal was learning to sew myself a dress. I had no particular style in mind, just a dress, any old dress would have done.

I’m still not entirely sure where this idea came from but it had something to do with my great grandmother, Nanima to me. Born in 1912, She was a seamstress in London and one of the great influences of my childhood. She taught me to be brave, not to listen to what others thought and that I could do whatever I put my mind to…. don’t be told you can’t do anything!

I’ve always had very crafty, diy tendencies. The fact that I have great sewing genes in me, and have worked in fashion for the last 10 years gave me some feeling I could do this…and of course neither of those things make any difference to my sewing ability but my fearless ‘I can make that’ opinion pushed me on.

When I was 23, I bought a Brother sewing machine to hem some curtains for my new house. As of March 2020, 18 year later, the box of the machine was still unopened, having lived unused in many a garage since then.

Time to change!

I finished up 2020 having sewn 53 items, many of them dresses that I now love. Sewing has given me a new creative outlet, a way to destress and a hobby that I a fully in love with. I don’t always have as much time as I would like to sew. I am a mum to 2 boys, I work in a high pressure job and the juggle is real. But with my passion for creating, I squeeze in all the time I can.

So now a blog too?

Right now this is for me. A place to document my sewing journey, share the things I have learned and continue to learn. If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoy my posts.


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