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I started my sewing journey in 2020 and to say it’s turned into my obsession would be an understatment….

I began my sewing journey in 2020, before Covid-19 was a thing, having set myself a goal for the year. That goal was learning to sew a dress for myself. I had no particular style in mind, just a dress. Any old dress would have done.

I’m still not entirely sure where the idea came from, but it had something to do with the Netflix show Next in Fashion; a huge dissatisfaction at the choices of clothes that fit me well in the shops and the ridiculous prices for polyester garments;  a lot to do with my ‘I can do that’ approach to most things crafty;  and a tiny bit to do with the sewing machine that had followed me around from house to house, still brand new in its box since I had bought it 20 years earlier!

I have always had very crafty, diy tendencies and am definitely the owner of one of those over confident ‘I can do that’ genes. That plus a career in fashion gave me enough knowledge to be dangerous.

All these things combined gave me a confident feeling and while of course none of these things actually make any difference to my sewing ability, this fearless approach pushed me on.



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A Few Sewing Facts About Me

Number of Years I Owned A Sewing Machine Before Using It

When I was 23, I bought my first sewing machine. A Brother from John Lewis with plans to make curtains for my new house. As of March 2020, 18 years later, the box remained unopened, despite having moved house many times and even crossing the globe to New Zealand. 

Number of Sewing Lessons I've Ever Had

I learn by doing, making my own mistakes and working things out on my own. I think if I had got into sewing by taking lessons, I probably wouldn’t be here sewing now. I’d have given up and been put off my the perceived commitment and structure to my learning.

Number of Years I've Been Sewing

Although my sewjo ebbs and flows, it is generally an ever-present thought in my mind. I don’t think I could imagine not having sewing as part of what I do anymore. I am 100% hooked for life!

What on earth is sewing fearlessly?


How It All Started


2020 started with a New Year’s resolution to make myself a dress. Not the whole new me-made wardrobe that I have now. Just one dress. Having watched the designers on Next In Fashion, I decided ‘I can do that’ and so I started to plan. I bought a Vogue pattern and got so confused very quickly. A bit of googling and I thankfully discovered indie sewing patterns and their phenomenal instructions and feel like Megan Nielsen taught me to sew. I really got going by June when my first wearable project was complete, a Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank. My first dress, also Megan Nielsen followed a week later.

image shows my first weareble make - a Megan Nielsen eucalypt top - made by oh sew fearless
Halfmoon atelier 101 jeans - close up of coin pocket - made by oh sew fearless


I finished 2020 having met my goal by quite some way. I made 53 garments in 2020 and so by 2021 I was in full flow, with plans to never buy shop bought again. I had upgraded my sewing machine and added an overlocker to my kit. My home office was now more of a sewing room and my project list was growing ever longer.


In 2023, Harmer and Huff, a new boutique fabric store in New Zealand became my little shop. My passion for sewing was becoming much more than my hobby as my small, local business brought lush designer deadstocks and European sustainable fabrics to our New Zealand Shores

Pattern review of Closet Core Nicks Dress

So what’s next? Sewing adventures are pretty certain that’s for sure.

Sewing has given me a new creative outlet, a way to de-stress and a hobby that I am fully in love with. I don’t always have as much time as I would like to sew. I am a mum to 2 boys and with a busy full time job the juggle is real. But with my passion for creating, I squeeze in all the time I can.

As a result, this blog can sometimes be a little neglected, but I am trying to keep new content coming. I really appreciate all of you who take time to read my posts and leave comments  – even if it takes me a while, please know I read all of them!

So what’s this blog all about?

Right now this is for me to document my sewing journey, share the things I have learned and continue to learn. If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoy my posts.

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