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Life As A Fabric Store Owner

Owning a fabric store was not in my plan…

Really, it wasn’t!

In fact, I recall having a zoom call with Taree of Marsha Style about a year ago as we discussed a different project I was working on, and I even commented that I could never run a fabric shop…. too much temptation, and too much fluff I think were my reasons, and both of those are real!

Fast forward, and I am the proud new owner of Harmer and Huff, an online fabric store, shipping globally,  based in NZ!

The store was created to fill a gap in the NZ market for high quality, sustainable fabrics from brands and fibre options that were not previously readily available. 

So how did this come to be for me?

Through my marketing business, I was helping the owner of the store to launch and optimise the business. I’d become quite invested in the business and loved what it brought to our market so when her plans changed suddenly, I agreed to take the store on.

This isn’t quite as crazy as it might seem as I’m no rookie when it comes to this. I  have a background in retail buying, marketing and ecommerce and have spent many years working in the fashion industry but still it wasn’t in my plan.

These last few months of transition have been super hard, but very rewarding.

Sustainable Fabrics for Mindful Makers 


On a personal level, the thing that really drew me to the brand was the focus on sustainability with fibres like Tencel and EcoVero featuring in the range.

The deadstock fabric collection is amazing too (yes, I know I am 100% biased) as the fabrics come from some amazingly luxe European couture brands.

This focus is something I will be developing, with more options in these areas to bring real choice to sewists who are looking for fabrics that are better for the planet. 

Harmer and Huff - online fabric store in NZ

So much fabric, so little time…..

I will be honest with you all, my pre-existing fabric stash is a problem as now all I want to sew is the shiney new fabric that is coming into the store. Especially as the range develops into ‘my range’ it’s all I want to wear.

I am trying to be balanced with my own sewing and still use up the fabric I have. I have lots of fabric that I truly love and so it would be a shame to waste it. 

,I am focused on developing the range and continuing to bring new products to the market and have some exciting new ranges to come. 

I really enjoy working with new brands who bring a really fresh approach to their designs, such as British brand, Roo-Tid, who share my own sustainable goals.

I aim to bring a steady stream of new product to the range, and some of it is sold out quickly, but these are my pick from the store right now. 

My picks on the store right now


Pink Gingham Wool from Harmer and Huff

Gorgeous Designer Deadstock Pink Gingham Wool 

Lise Tailor Eco Vero from Harmer and Huff

Lise Tailor Fabrics Eco Vero in ALL the prints!

Atelier Brunette Tile Cotton and Eco Vero from Harmer and Huff

Atelier Brunette Cotton and Eco Vero Blend Tile fabric 


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