Chanderi Silk Cashmerette Roseclair Dress

Pattern Hack | Sleeveless Roseclair Dress by Cashmerette

In just the same way as I cook, I rarely follow the steps or style of a pattern, always thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great if ..’

I definitely see sewing patterns as a start point to create our own style and so I am never put off by a pattern that’s not exactly what I want. If it gives me enough of a base then it’ll be perfect for me to hack from.

The Cashmerette Roseclair dress pattern is already pretty awesome in my opinion. It’s a wrap fronted dress that actually gives good coverage to bustier bodies and the tiered skirts are perfectly designed.

I first made a Roseclaire dress back in the NZ Spring of 2021 and I have worn it so much since then, but to be honest, the heat of the Auckland summer has sent it to the back of my wardrobe.

Not being one to be deterred, I decided that a lighter weight and sleeveless version would create the perfect summer dress for me.

Sleeveless Cashmerette Roseclair Dress
ROseclaire dress by Cashmerette in silk

Lightweight Hacking 

Changing this dress around to be how I want it wasn’t really a huge hack but it’s not as straightforward as just making it without the sleeves as the shape of the shoulders and the armsyc curve will be different for sleeved vs sleeveless.

When changing this element of a pattern you will need to look at adjusting both the shoulder width and the armsyc to ensure it fits properly for a sleeveless style. 

When I was making these changes, I didn’t remember about taking photos and so this is not intended to be a tutorial. The first time I ever created a sleeveless hack I used the armsyc of a pattern pieces I had that already were sleeveless. This worked a treat and I would recommend it as a great place to start.

The last thing to think about is how you will finish the armsyc as your patttern obviously won’t have taken this account. My preferred approach is to create a long bias strip and use a bias facing finish. I love using a bias facing and will often swap out a facing for this method. It gives a lovely clean and neat finish for your new armsyc.

Pattern Hacked Roseclair Dress by Cashmerette

Chanderi Silk for my special Roseclair 

I was recently gifted this Chanderi Silk fabric by the team at Fabriclore and IMO it totally ups the game of my dress!

Chanderi Silk originally comes from the town named Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh region of India.  It is known for it’s light weight and drape which makes it the perfect pairing for my Roseclair Dress! ⁠

 Chanderi fabric is a traditional fabric known for it’s light weight and luxurious feel, often with a transaparent finish just like mine. There are a number of types of Chanderi fabric –  chanderi pure silk, chanderi cotton, or chanderi silk cotton. ⁠

⁠Originally Chanderi fabric was used to weave sarees and in fact, Chanderi silk sarees is a known brand in the Indian garment industry. ⁠ The fabric I was gifted is a Chanderi silk cotton. This type of fabric is made by weaving the silk, golden zari and cotton yarn that gives a subtle sheen and a beautiful lustre to the fabric.

a close up of the chanderi silk fabric

Shop at FabricLore here 

Enter code ‘Fableighanne’ at checkout to receive 10% off

The final results

I am completely in love with this dress and my pattern hack to the style makes it, in my opinion, the perfect boho summer dress.

I have deeply engrained hippy tendencies and this gifted fabric plays to all of that but gives me a more grown up version.⁠ I think 🤣⁠

The only problem in my opinion is that it feels too special for everyday wear, but then I also think that it is too pretty to be saved just for best. I was given some very sound advice from @purple_frogs on instagram

‘There is something so wonderful about wearing a piece that makes you feel so good all the time! Better it be threadbare and loved, than loved and never worn.’

And so with that in mind I will be twirling my way through the rest of the summer in this beauty.. and there will definitely be more sleeveless versions of this dress to come! 

Roseclair dress by Cashmerette


  1. fuzzi hendricks

    What a beautiful pattern/dress and the hack is great.

    • Oh Sew Fearless

      Thank you so much !

  2. Anaemai

    Beautiful piece good fit I would be pleased if my efforts came reasonably close to this it’s perfect

    • Oh Sew Fearless

      Thank you so much 🙂


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