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“The most fabulous Secret Pyjamas Yet!”

Closet Core Sallie Jumpsuit - cobalt blue jumpsuit in viscose jersey hangs on the back of a door. Sewn by Oh Sew Fearless

We’ve been in a level 4 lockdown in Auckland now for 5 weeks and I’ll be honest, it was my boredom of track pants that sent me to my pattern files looking for comfort lounge wear inspiration.

I bought the Sallie jumpsuit pattern quite some time ago and I had completely forgotten about it.

It’s not a pattern that appears that much in the sewing things I read or in my social feeds, and I think that is just due to the fact that it is not a recent pattern.

There is nothing not to love about it.

First things first, it’s a jumpsuit and I love a good jumpsuit. Secondly its a knit jumpsuit which is just the ultimate in comfort and made me think it could take the place of my trusty Hudsons. It has a flattering shape, and is made by Closet Core, a pattern brand that I trust to create a good garment pattern…

So off to the Fabric stash I headed.

Closet Core Sallie Jumpsuit. Oh Sew Fearless stands with back to the camera, showing the pretty back ties of the jumpsuit.
Closet Core Patterns

Sallie Jumpsuit – The Pattern 

Closet Core describes the Sallie pattern as having just the right amount of 70’s mojo and I would totally agree.

The pattern also comes with a good number of variations making it a really customisable and hackable pattern.. all things that I love. Straight from the pdf you can make the jumpsuit with a v neck & ties, or switch out the top to make it with a cami top.

You can switch out the trousers and add a skirt to make a maxi dress. Shorten the legs to make a play suit…. And from then on you can really start to add your own twists. The Sallie pattern is made for light to medium weight knits – you’ll need some good amount of stretch in the knit too. 

Closet Core Sallie Jumpsuit technical diagrams

Sizing & Fit

I have made a fair few Closet Core patterns now and generally fall into the size 16 and so that is where I headed straight to. If you read my posts regularly, you will know I have a dislike for making muslins and often head straight to the proper fabric. I trust Closet Core enough as a pattern brand to do this but it is still a bit of a risk… I still did it anyway.

The fit was really good for me. I did lengthen the sleeve opening which was straightforward enough to do and I also took off about 4” of excess leg (i am 5’5”). I am really happy with the fit, although if I make another, and I am sure I will, I will add some length to the front bodice to account for the size of my bust as the extra distance the bodice needs to travel over them has made the bodice a tad short 👙


Sallie Jumpsuit by Closet Core - Size chart

Sewing it up

The Sallie is a pretty straightforward garment to sew, and a rewarding sew too. It would be a great beginner jumpsuit as not only does the knit fabric create a forgiving fit experience but there really aren’t any complicated steps in the make.

The bodice is lined with the same fabric and sometimes managing the layers of this for me got a bit jumbled, but that’s more about my sometimes chaotic sewing space than any fault of the pattern.

The jumpsuit is supposed to be snug on the bodice with negative ease called out in the instructions. As I was sewing it I was convinced it was going to be too small, but it turned out all good!

The Sallie Jumpsuit Pattern by Closet Core. Image shows the v neck ties of the jumpsuit made in a vibrant coral jersey fabric
Cobalt viscose jersey fabric - close up of the pocket on the Closet Core Sallie Jumpsuit

My Fabric

I don’t usually stop to write about my fabric that much, but this fabric is worthy of a little note. I bought it last year after I fell in love with it. It has everything for me – a beautiful cobalt blue background, bold and vibrant nature based prints and a great weight to it.

The big problem for me though, and perhaps the reason why it has been in my stash for some time is that it is a viscose jersey. I find viscose jersey tricky to sew. It’s shifty, slinky and stretches out really easily! I took some precautions with a needle change and walking foot and whilst it was still a bit slinky under the feet it made a big difference to my end result.

Sallie Jumpsuit – My Make


I am super chuffed with how my Sallie Jumpsuit turned out. These are my new secret Pyjamas and are  the perfect outfit to lounge around in a lock down in, all while making me feel a little bit more together and glam!


Sallie Jumpsuit sewing pattern made by closet core patterns


  1. Erica Hartmann

    Gorgeous print and make! the fit is perfect and you look great in your secret PJ’s! I have read from others about lengthening the bodice and appreciate that you mentioned that as well. THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

    • Oh Sew Fearless

      Thank you ! Yes, it’s definitely very short in the torso!


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