Cashmerette Roseclair Dress made in burgundy leopard print

Pattern Review | Roseclair Dress by Cashmerette

I was pretty taken with the Roseclair dress from the moment that it was released. The idea of a tiered wrap dress that would fit properly over my bust without me needing an FBA was enough for me, but then add poofy sleeves and I was smitten.

I have quite a few Cashmerette patterns, but haven’t made many of them. I really love the idea of what Cashmerette is all about and as a bustier sewist I love the cup options. But, when it really comes to it, many of the Cashmerette patterns are just a bit frumpy. This is why I haven’t made many of the patterns from this range that I own. I like the idea of the fit and so get sucked in to buy, but then don’t have the motivation enough to sew them.

That all changed with the Roseclair though and I hope it’s a bit of a turning point for Cashmerette to make some more modern styles. This was a great place to start!

Now everyone loves a tiered dress right and I have made a fair few now in my last year or so of sewing but this one has a few nice things extra.

For starters, as is standard for Cashmerette there are 3 different cup ranges. The online calculator was a big help in determining my size. You just plug your numbers in and the calculator gives you your base size and cup and the points of grading.

I’ll be honest, I kind of didn’t believe it at first as I had myself in quite a different combos of sizes. But, I went with it, and the fit is great.

The Roseclair dress pattern has a few lovely  features that makes sure the fit is flattering. There are waist darts in the bodice, beautifully ratio’d tiers, a maxi option that is just the epitomy of boho chic and those oh so poofy sleeves! What’s not to love.

Cashmerette Roseclair Dress - technical diagrams
Cashmerette Roseclair Dress - size chart


Having put my measurements into the Cashmerette Calculator, I was sized as a 24 bust with the EF cup graded to an 18 at the hips. I was a bit gobsmacked at the bodice sizing to be honest as I have made Cashmerette Saybrook tanks that fit a treat and are a 14 G cup.. However, I went with it, especially as the big difference here is woven vs knit.



Sewing Process

It took me quite a while to get going with my Roseclair because of my sewjo issues but as soon as I saw what is now my gorgeous burgundy leopard print fabric from Lamazi, I was hit with some inspo, and I knew the fabric was perfect.

I ordered 5 metres of this. I should have ordered an extra half as I ran out on the last tier… but luckily it worked out.  I got to cutting and then hit the machine,  no toile…. I knew I had the seam allowance and ease  to make adjustments if I needed to on the fly. That is one of the great things about this kind of tiered/floaty dress style.

The instructions for the dress are really well written in straightforward English and with clear diagrams. It all came together fairly quickly considering how much fabric there is to sew.

On the subject of the amount of fabric, that is one thing I did get into a few pickles over. This is a hungry pattern and there is a lot of fabric to handle, especially when on the last few steps. Within the skirt there are a number of similar, but different panels. I would really recommend that anyone making this keep these panels really well labelled. I had a few wrong way round/ wrong panels together sewing fails that needed unpicking.

Overall though the make went with out any hiccups and I am elated with the result.

Roseclair dress by Cashmerette with KATM self care label
cashmerette roseclaire dress made in lamazi fabric

Just look at the twirl on my Roseclair Dress!

The best thing about the Roseclair Dress is wearing it!

I Love Love Love wearing this dress and I am certain that this won’t be my last Roseclair. There are a few things especially that make me feel fab (and secure) in this dress.

The shape of the wrap is especially flattering and feels very secure when it’s tied up. I don’t feel I am going to be flashing from above, yet the line is a deep

The width of the wrap is also excellent. What I mean by this is there is a deep wrap on the underneath panel. This means I am not worried about the wrap blowing open, or me flashing when I sit down.

Best of all though is the swish of this dress. Because of the amount of fabric in this, it has a good weight and drape and along with the volume of fabric in the skirt it just creates THE best twirl… swishing around when you walk.

Roseclair dress made by oh sew fearless
leopard fabric for the roseclaire dress by cashmerette

And if you are looking for some inspo on what you can do with the Roseclair dress look no further:

– Roseclair Dress on Instagram

Buy the Cashmerette Roseclair Dress


Important note. I am not paid or otherwise incentivised for this post. The review is based upon my honest opinion and I am not affiliated with Cashmerette Patterns. I do not receive any commission for any links clicked. I do this just because I love sewing.


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