Pattern Review: Noice Jeans by Muna and Broad

Muna and Broad Noice Jeans - Made by Oh Sew Fearless

Ok, so I know this is another post about making jeans but this will be the last for a while. I enjoyed sewing the Muna and Broad Noice jeans and so wanted to write up a pattern review.

I’ll be honest I was a little disappointed when the pattern launched that it was a Mom jean style… just not for me and so I had written the idea of these off pretty early on.

When I was first planning the diy jeans adventure, I was chatting on instagram with one of my NIRL sewing buddies and she mentioned the Noice jeans to me, I had another look and realised there was a view B – high waisted and wide legged. I decided to crack on with my other plan (see my halfmoon atelier jeans here) but couldn’t unsee the beautiful Hong Kong seamed, wide legged beauties that Leila had made.


Feeling like I could conqeur the world after my first pair of jeans, I moved onto the Noice pattern without even stopping… I had some gorgeous Yoshiwa Mills washed denim ready to go.

The first thing that struck me was how much attention there was right at the pattern planning point to fit. There are 2 different fits with each of the views, one for bigger bums, and one for bigger tums….This sounds like a jeans pattern I can get on board with!

I have always steered away from high waist jeans as they just cut into my tummy and so I was really hopefully that a pattern made for fat tums and high waists might just work for me.

Within the instructions there are a heap of fitting tips with lots of careful explanations on what to look for and the various skills that might be needed throughout the pattern.

We were off to a good start!

Muna and Broad Noice Jeans size chart


The Noice Jeans pattern is for non stretch, rigid denim. The pattern has a high waist and has 2 views. View A is a Mum/Mom jean. It has a decent amount of ease through the hip and thigh with a tapered leg.  View B is a wide leg style with a deep hem. This is what I went for, with fit 2.

Muna and Broad, make specifically for larger bodies, with fit in mind and it is said that you should require fewer adjustments out of the packet that you might otherwise. This was certainly my experience. Winning!

Sewing Process

 Until I sewed my first pair, sewing jeans seemed a little scary and I know that many sewers share that feeling. My experience though, taking one step at a time has been hugely satisfying and not overwhelming. Leila’s instructions 100% help this feeling of knowing what I am doing. The Muna and Broad instructions are detailed, really clear and well illustrated.  Having said that though, I ditched the instructions and followed the You Tube Sew A long instead. The method of sewing some parts of the jeans (the fly for example) were different to my previous experience and the sew a long is so well made and structured it didn’t make sense not to follow it. I got a heap of little tips from it too – bonus! There was no part of the jeans construction that was too complicated. Jeans can be straightforward when you have Leila and Jess to help! 

Muna and Broad Noice Jeans - made by oh sew fearless

Skinny Jeans are Dead

There really is a funny irony here. I have lived in (uncomfortable) skinny jeans for the last 15 years, and it was me finding a great fat jeans pattern that has made me ditch the skinnies… I’m not sure it will be long before I sew another pair of these.

When it came to fitting, I definitely needed to make fewer adjustments. The crotch curve was spot on for me, and with the only exception being a necessary swayback adjustment to the yoke, my size D start point was perfect. I did narrow the hips and adjust the waist down as I didn’t want so much ease in them and I shortened the fly as I only had a shorter zipper. This was just preference though.

This is my 3rd Muna and Broad pattern now and I am a complete fan girl. If you are curvy/fat/plus size/whatever your word is then this could be a life changing pattern. No exaggeration! 

And if you are looking for some inspo on what you can do with the Noice Jeans pattern look no further

Muna and Broad on Instagram


Buy the Noice Jeans pattern here

 – You Tube Sew Along Here 


Muna and Broad Noice Jeans - made by oh sew fearless
Muna and Broad Noice Jeans - made by oh sew fearless

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  1. Janet

    I have had my denim for ages and I finally cut out a the noice jeans out of a 10 oz canvas to try them out. I appreciate your review and keep telling myself, a somewhat experienced sewist, “how hard could it be?”


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