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“Finding the perfect fabrics can make or break your project.”

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I’m originally from the UK and am used to a lot more choice than we have as standard with our stores in New Zealand. This is helped along by my comfort with online shopping and this has transferred to my fabric shopping too.

I browse a wide range of fabric stores in a wide range of countries to find what I am looking for and with an increasing number of even small boutique stores offering international shipping, the fabric shopping world just got a lot bigger and the choices more varied.

The stores listed below are those I have shopped at, or browsed the sites of. All of the sites listed sell online, most offering a sample service and all ship around the world, so no need to be restricted to the choices of your own locale. 

This list isn’t exhaustive – if your favourite store isn’t shown here, drop me a note so I can add it to the page (and my shopping list 😉  ) . 

Fabric Stores in New Zealand

The Fabric Store

The fabric Store is known for is great range of great fabrics. It has a numbver of stores across NZ and a website.

For Fabric Sake

A great range of knit fabrics!

Moreland Fabrics

Charming Juno

Zingara Organic Fabrics

Nellie Joans

lingerie findings and lingerie fabric specialist

Drapers Fabrics

Drapers, based in Auckland have a bit of something for every dressmaker.l

Fabric Box

The new kid on the block, the fabric box is new to Auckland and even newer to the internet.

New Zealand Merino & Fabrics

Ackroyd & Adams

AS Fabric

Fab Fabrics

Fabric Stores in Australia – with international shipping

The Remnant Warehouse

Fabric Muse

Seamstress Fabrics

Ellie Whittaker

Crafty Mamas Fabrics

Pitt Trading

A and R Fabrics

Maai Design

Super cheap fabrics

darn cheap fabrics

Little Fabric Boutique

Fabric Stores in the uk – with international shipping

Fabric Godmother

Sew Me Sunshine

Guthrie Ghani

Samantha Claridge

(not currently shipping internationally)

Fabric Stores in the usa & Canada – with international shipping

Stone Mountain and Daughter

D H Fabrics and co

Blackbird Fabrics

Bobbie Lou's Fabrics


Loiseau fabrics

Loom & Stars

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  1. Samantha

    Thanks- what a great list! A few here I had not seen; next few hours taken care of!


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